Whippin’ it up in the kitchen

The kitchen is called the heartbeat of the house. It is the one place where you spend most of your time either cooking, eating or entertaining. It is no wonder that whether you are buying a new home or in the process of renovations the kitchen is the most sought after room in your entire house.

Kitchens come  in all shapes and sizes ranging from the popular island theme to U-shaped kitchens, galley kitchens to L-shaped kitchens and the single line kitchen. Therefore, there are certain rules or guidelines one should follow to maximize your kitchen for efficiency.

  1. Most importantly a kitchen should be functional for those who are using it.
  2. Allow plenty of workspace. Ample counterspace is always a huge plus.
  3. The “work triangle” consisting of the refrigerator, stove and sink should be ideally located to work in a triangle. This is the main contributor to efficiency in the kitchen.
  4. Provide plenty of storage/ cabinet space for pots and pans along with spices and pantry items. Try to keep the countertop as uncluttered as possible.
  5. Lighting is crucial. There are three types of lighting to consider: overhead, task and natural light.


About Sandhya

As the founder of studio S, Sandhya establishes and maintains the high quality of design services that studio S offers. Her years of experience include mid to high end residential design, single family homes, condominiums, commercial design including offices, lobby's, mixed use spaces, renovations/ restorations. Sandhya is a certified Interior Designer with NCIDQ and also a green certified professional, LEED AP . She is an active member of several professional organizations such as ASID and IIDA. About studio S: studio S is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm offering a wide range of interior design services ranging from pre-design conception to project completion. We provide the following services: residential, commercial, mixed use, kitchen and bath design, furniture design,renovation/restoration, finishes and product selection. Please click on our website link for more detailed information.
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