color me happy

A lot of you who are reading this probably put your outfits together and are the most stylish fashionista.  Does your living space reflect the same?

Color is a fabulous and inexpensive way to create a focal point, a contrast, a graphic statement or just creating a mood for the space. You’ll be amazed with just how much you can accomplish and change the way you live by taking or adding a few simple things.

You can paint walls, add accent or throw pillows, create a focal point with a gorgeous work of art, introduce a waterfall with L.E.D. lighting (now this would be amazing), brighten up with fresh flowers/plants, bring in some pop with a funky area rug/carpet, jazz up your windows with some decorative fabric or apply some wall covering … the list goes on.

Studies have shown how color affects the mood of your space and in terms psychology of the user/users. “COLOR is literally the wavelength medicine of the future. It calls to us and asks us to recognize its value as an alternate medicine that the environment can provide” – from The Power of Color.

If you look around, you’ll find hospital rooms, fast food restaurants, classrooms and offices are painted  certain colors to influence the mood and behaviour of the people using these spaces. Even the products on the shelves at your local supermarket have been packaged in colors carefully chosen to attract your attention and encourage you to buy.  Red is known to stimulate the appetite, blue and green are considered calming and fresh, yellow and orange are energizing as the sun. The color wheel shows a range of colors both active (bright colors – red, orange , yellow) and passive ( cool colors – blue, green, violet) complementing one another.

No two people see color exactly the same way, there will be some differences in the way two people react and respond to the same shade of color. Different cultures create different meanings for colors. For example, red is considered very auspicious in China, India and Nepal.  White is used in the western world for christening and wedding . Dark colors in a room make the room feel smaller. Neutral colors ( beige, taupe) work in any setting.

You can experiment with bold colors in a setting that is not used as frequently such as a corridor or entryway to make a bold statement. You can always do one bold color and complement it with more subdued colors to create the right mood.  You can use a painting, rug or sculpture as an inspiration and create a palette.

I suggest you pick colors you really like and start experimenting with your furniture, walls, wardrobe and yes, even on unsuspecting humans …


About Sandhya

As the founder of studio S, Sandhya establishes and maintains the high quality of design services that studio S offers. Her years of experience include mid to high end residential design, single family homes, condominiums, commercial design including offices, lobby's, mixed use spaces, renovations/ restorations. Sandhya is a certified Interior Designer with NCIDQ and also a green certified professional, LEED AP . She is an active member of several professional organizations such as ASID and IIDA. About studio S: studio S is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm offering a wide range of interior design services ranging from pre-design conception to project completion. We provide the following services: residential, commercial, mixed use, kitchen and bath design, furniture design,renovation/restoration, finishes and product selection. Please click on our website link for more detailed information.
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