Forward to the past

There’s a saying take a look back at history and learn … In this context, it means looking to the past, the generation of our great-grandfathers. Life was simple, clean and pure. There was no pollution and most importantly they were the pioneers of organic products.

Flashback – I remember my childhood days visiting my grandmother on Saturday mornings and enjoying the freshly made butter with toast followed by a glass of organic milk (which was milked early morning by Ram, the cowherd who has been a staple figure for the last thirty years). For meals we would enjoy rice with fresh corn and veggies picked from the three acres of vegetable garden my grandparents owned. Food was cooked in clay pots and sometimes served on big banana leafs. I come from a big extended family growing up in a mixed population of young and old. Rarely, did any of us get sick.

Forward to the present – it is the year 2011 and now we realize how planet Earth is rapidly degrading and deteriorating. And the credit goes to us. We have been selfishly pre-occupied with the industrial revolution and the concept of getting rich and richer, that we have failed to think little of Mother Earth, our homes and our future.

Better late than never, right? We have seen emerging new trends in green concepts and the trend/movement will continue to grow stronger. We all can help support this in our own ways starting with simple, easy to do steps:

  • Maximize daylight – through skylights, shades, south-facing windows
  • Use energy-efficient lighting – look for Energy Star labels, replacing an incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent, halogen or L.E.D’s saves up to third of the energy and lasts ten times longer
  • Opt for low VOC products – when buying paints, carpet and furniture look for low VOC (volatile organic compounds = that are harmful to human health) labels
  • Buy locally – as much as you can, this helps reduce transportation costs, resulting in less air pollution and gives you a better value for your money
  • Select energy-efficient windows – again look for Energy Star label
  • Decorate your space with green – besides looking great and giving that natural feel, plants help to remove harmful chemical from indoor air
  • Wood products – help conserve and save our forests, whenever purchasing wood products, look for the label FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council)  the only certified agency that promotes sustainably harvested wood and wood products
  • Avoid using plastic bags or bottle – replace them with cloth or paper bags,  they are harmful to the environment releasing chemicals and toxins to the air, water and soil.

What I talked earlier about my childhood, life was indeed simple, there was no pollution, my grandmother would never serve anything that was coated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals : organic was the way to go then, it was locally available (24/7), inexpensive , highly nutritious and emitted very little pollutants.  So start your veggie garden, replace your bulbs, bring in some plants indoors and inhale some fresh air!

More green topics to come.


About Sandhya

As the founder of studio S, Sandhya establishes and maintains the high quality of design services that studio S offers. Her years of experience include mid to high end residential design, single family homes, condominiums, commercial design including offices, lobby's, mixed use spaces, renovations/ restorations. Sandhya is a certified Interior Designer with NCIDQ and also a green certified professional, LEED AP . She is an active member of several professional organizations such as ASID and IIDA. About studio S: studio S is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm offering a wide range of interior design services ranging from pre-design conception to project completion. We provide the following services: residential, commercial, mixed use, kitchen and bath design, furniture design,renovation/restoration, finishes and product selection. Please click on our website link for more detailed information.
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